Why Superman? Radio Squad

I haven’t seen Gangster Squad yet. Seemed kind of anti- after Zero Dark Thirty. Sean Penn as Mickey Cohen looks interesting — but what is it putting Jay-Z as anachronistic soundtrack to a period film? I like Hova but HEREWEGO (SLO MO GUNS) UH-UH. Yeah, I don’t know. Same with 42. LA Confidential didn’t need that.

Anyway, Jerry and Joe did a LOT of cool comics pre-Superman that are just really raw and great. One of the best was Radio Squad, which started before Action Comics #1 in the late thirties.

It’s two-fisted, buddy copy mayhem up against gambling, the mob, and ALL CRIME.

No superpowers, but tons of great Joe cars that he copied out of advertisements. Some really cool stuff in these comics, as you’ll see. They based the whole thing off a Hollywood film as well as the Cleveland police force. You can see where things were going.

Radio Squad even gets into the courtroom once in awhile. You know how contemporary indie comics tend towards autobiographical stuff?  All started here.

BONUS COVERAGE: Now with more Jay-Z because I may secretly like anachronistic soundtracks (click image to LIVE LARGE)

Mash-up courtesy of Kerry Callen and Chris Sims as part of Comic Alliance’s “Great Comics that Never Happened.”

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