Why Superman? All-Star Superman #10, pg. 12

Guest Post by Mark Waid

from All-Star Superman #10 (2008), W: Grant Morrison, A: Frank Quitely and Jamie Grant.

Mark Waid, a New York Times bestselling author, has written a wider variety of well-known comics characters than any other American comics author, from Superman to the Justice League to Spider-Man to Archie, The Flash, Captain America, The Fantastic Four and hundreds of others. His award-winning graphic novel with artist Alex Ross, KINGDOM COME, is one of the best-selling comics collections of all time. (Secretly, however, he prefers SUPERMAN: BIRTHRIGHT and his IRREDEEMABLE collections as his favorite works he’s produced.) He currently writes the Eisner Award winning DAREDEVIL for Marvel and has just started writing INDESTRUCTIBLE HULK as part of the Marvel:NOW! initiative. He also writes a free webcomic called INSUFFERABLE on his digital comics website Thrillbent. Waid maintains a blog at www.markwaid.com that is full of advice for beginning writers and experienced authors both. He tweets @MarkWaid.

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