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So I guess Superman was close to a Star Trek crossover, but it didn’t happen. Read more over at the always entertaining Comic Book Legends Revealed. That being said, there are a lot of Jerry Siegel characters on this cover. The Legion of Super-Heroes was a rarity by the time it was introduced in 1958 — it was an original concept: teenagers in the future, representing different worlds, are inspired by the old histories of Superman to fight for good. Not bad, right? But as Rich Johnston reports, it was just cancelled again. Jerry Siegel did a ton of anonymous work on the early Legion and really defined the characters. He also did something that revolutionized superhero narrative. You may like him for it — or really not so much.

UPDATE: “Superman” IS in the new Trek movie! Saw it last night.  So this wasn’t just opportunity blogging. Go see it — really enjoyed it.

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