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I don’t want to turn this into CourtTV, but here is a helpful summary of last week’s judgment in the Superman case by pal Mike Sangiacomo, ace reporter at the Cleveland Plain Dealer. More from Mike later, but his article is the only one to have a quote from Laura Siegel Larson (Jerry’s daughter) in it, so definitely worth sharing.

Read the entire article here.

The Superman Homepage also has a LIVE podcast TONIGHT Monday, January 14 at 8.30pm PST in the U.S. with comics legal analyst Jeff Trexler who is, in my opinion, the expert voice on the lawsuit.To listen in, visit www.SupermanHomepage.com/live at 8:30pm PST.

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  1. Definitely don’t want to turn into Court TV – from there it’s just a short step to becoming TruTV and blogging about pawn shops!

    Seriously, thanks for all the good words + thoughtful comments, both here and at The Beat.

    Your observation about the fire in Joanne’s eyes is unforgettable. Based on your interaction with the family & their history, would you say that both Toberoff and the 2001 settlement attorney missed the mark in treating this primarily as a dispute about money?

    For instance, suppose that in addition to the current payments, the 2001 settlement contained provisions stating that Time Warner would do something as follows: endow a Jerry Siegel fund at the Hero Initiative; fund a Siegel & Shuster exhibit at a major museum; underwrite an authorized Siegel biography to be published by Warner Books (now Grand Central); sponsor celebrations of the Siegel legacy at major comic conventions, including appearances by Joanne and Laura; and — this is the big one, but also a serious topic of conversation in negotiation strategy today — apologize for its corporate predecessors’ treatment of Jerry & Joe. Do you think that Joanne would have been as angry? Would Toberoff have been able to lure her away?

    The issue is relevant not just on the big-picture level–it can also affect the details. Consider the accusations that Time Warner was reneging on the deal versus the court’s assessment that the differences between the term sheet and later discussions weren’t that great. A case could be made that the suspicion grew out of a deeper sense that something more substantial remained to be resolved.

    The same would be true even now. It’s a feeling that not even millions of dollars can satisfy.

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