I Give Up

More new news on the lawsuit from Jeff Trexler over at The Beat:

In keeping with the court’s schedule, yesterday Marc Toberoff filed his response to DC’s summary judgment motion in the Superman/Superboy lawsuits. Toberoff has filed these same arguments before, but the accompanying exhibits do include something new: correspondence in which Laura Siegel Larson and the Siegel estates reject a 21 million dollar payment from DC.

Read the whole post here.

Me? I think I give up. So the book is really done, but I’m still adding costly (literally) little bits and qualifiers on the case to be as current as possible. But yeeeesh.  I’m just going to say: “Ongoing.” Will that be ok?

Telling moment in the new documents where the two lawyers snipe at each other over SPELLING ERRORS. Hey I do that too but I bet I get paid way less.


3 thoughts on “I Give Up

  1. “Ongoing” makes eminent sense. As for this latest news, I wouldn’t worry too much about it vis a vis updating the book–in fact, after reading the 2/25 joint filing I hadn’t planned on writing about the summary judgment counter-arguments except as a one-line update once yesterdays more detailed documents were up. However, after yesterday’s filing was touted as a dramatic new development it seemed worth explaining again what was going on. At least the $21 million correspondence put a number on what had been an abstract value.

    As for the level of discourse–yeah, it’s interesting, to say the least.

  2. You are too kind with “interesting.” It doesn’t affect the story I’m trying to tell, but would like to have the endnotes up-to-date. But CAN’T BEAT JOHN LAW. Now I will just say “wait for Jeff’s Book.”

    I picked the above panel just for you, Jeff.

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